IVG is a leading vape brand established in 2016. Based in Preston, United Kingdom, we serve over 100 countries worldwide, including Ireland. With over 50 international awards, including "Best UK Brand" in 2019, 2021, and 2022, we are known for our excellence. Our official online store offers a wide range of award-winning e-liquids and vape kits, including 10ml e-liquids, Nic salts, shortfills, vape kits, coils, pods, and disposables. We have everything you need for your vaping journey.

Why Choose IVG Vaping Products?

Millions of people worldwide choose IVG because our vaping products stand out with their exceptional quality and compliance. Our E-liquids are produced in the United Kingdom and undergo rigorous testing in ISO9001-approved labs before reaching our customers.


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Why Quit Smoking with IVG?

Vaping has been the most popular alternative to cigarettes since 2010, seeing a boom in popularity and sales, making it one of the greatest alternatives for people who are wanting to kick the habit of smoking. Vaping is the act of using an electronic device to inhale nicotine and other substances from a liquid. Vaping has become increasingly popular, as it offers a more convenient and less harmful way to consume nicotine than smoking traditional cigarettes. Most users choose to change for health reasons, and with people finding it hard to shake the hand-to-mouth action that they’re used to when smoking cigarettes, this makes it a great alternative. Now you can easily shop vapes online here. The planet of vape – IVG is all set to make a change in the life of vaporers.


If you have decided to quit smoking, you have embarked on a brave journey. Remember that progress is not linear and that you might have setbacks, but it’s okay. Some people quit in a day, and others take months or even years. It depends on how long you have been smoking, what triggers your environment has, what kind of social circle you belong to, your willingness, and many other factors that determine how easy or hard it will be for you to quit smoking. But, do not worry. You are at the right place. IVG will help you quit smoking through the use of specialized quit smoking vaping devices like shortfills, 50:50, and freebase vapes.

IVG – Best Online Vape Store in Ireland

IVG stands as one of the world's top UK vape brands, founded in 2016. With a presence in over 100 countries, we have earned 50 international awards, setting our reputation for providing premium quality and compliant vaping products. At IVG, our customers are at the forefront of everything we do. As the official online Ireland vape shop, we offer exciting discounts on multiple products and provide a rewarding program for our valued customers. Browse through our wide collection of e-liquids, disposables, and vaping accessories to find your perfect fit.

Why Quit Smoking with IVG?

  • IVG has helped millions of smokers worldwide to successfully quit smoking since 2016.
  • Vaping is up to 95% less harmful than smoking, as confirmed by research conducted by the Public Health of England.
  • Quitting smoking can increase your life expectancy by five to ten years.
  • Quitting smoking can significantly improve your overall physical and emotional well-being.
  • Vaping is a more budget-friendly option compared to traditional cigarettes, allowing you to save money while enjoying your vaping experience.

Vaping has become popular as a healthier option to regular tobacco products. Many people are switching to vaping to cut down on nicotine or quit smoking altogether. That's why vape shops and stores have been popping up to meet the demand for vaping products. IVG, the leading brand in the UK, has been helping people quit smoking for years. Come join us on the path to a smoke-free life! Check out our IVG products, known for being some of the best vapes out there.

IVG's Notable Achievements

We take great pride in being awarded the Best UK E-liquid Brand in 2019, 2021, and 2022, along with over 50 international accolades. Since our launch, we have gained a vast clientele, with our e-liquids and IVG bars becoming widely recognized worldwide. Our e-liquids and IVG bars are highly acclaimed worldwide, including in Ireland, making us the go-to choice for the best vapes. We have proudly served millions of customers in Ireland, the UK, and beyond, offering them an exceptional vaping experience. Join IVG Ireland today and discover why we are known for providing the finest vapes on the market.

To locate a vape store near you that carries IVG products, simply perform a quick search for vape store near me. Alternatively, you can visit our online vape shop, where you can explore a diverse range of flavours and nicotine strengths to find your perfect vaping experience for a satisfying session.

You can also try using online directories or apps to help you locate vape shops in your area. When searching for the best vape, you will surely find IVG in the top results.

Designed for Adult Smokers

IVG Ireland creates carefully crafted vaping products designed to give adults a satisfying nicotine and flavour experience as an alternative to regular cigarettes. We offer a wide range of unique IVG flavours, giving you the chance to personalise your vaping journey. Your taste preferences may change over time, so feel free to try different flavours and find the ones you enjoy the most. Discover your favourite vape from IVG, the well-known UK vape brand, available in Ireland.