Buy The New 2400 Disposable Vape Puff Bar - IVG Ireland

IVG is taking your vaping experience to new heights with the launch of Europe's first-of-its-kind range of TPD-compliant 2400-puff disposable vape bars. These innovative devices offer more puffs, additional exquisite flavours, hassle-free operation, and no battery worries. You just need a click to elevate your vaping experience! So, don’t miss out on being a part of this historic opportunity and place your order now!

IVG 2400 Puff Bars: What’s So Special About Them?

Though disposable vapes are everyone’s favourite so far, the limited and less puff range has been a common setback. Thus, to make things better for consumers, the experts at IVG Ireland have worked day and night to make a disposable bar that not only lasts longer but also has a commendable battery pack up; hence, the new 2400 puff bar. Besides this, you’ll be getting;

  • Easy to use and vape
  • Pre-filled with a premium IVG e-liquid
  • Seamless experience with auto-draw function
  • Power of 4 disposables in 1

Top Flavour Picks of the Month

Since vapes are incomplete without flavoursome vapour, the new IVG 2400 has various flavours you can try! Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out the listed top picks of the month;

  • IVG 2400 Multi Flavour Pink Edition Who doesn’t love tropical fruit and berries e-flavours, right? But having to choose just one from the entire category can exhaust anyone. So, to help you avoid that situation, we’ve launched a multi-flavour edition. From tropical taste to fresh mint, this strawberry puff bar has it all!
  • IVG 2400 Classic Menthol Sometimes, all you need is that burst of classic menthol without additional flavour. So, to satisfy such a craving, you can get your hands on our 2400 menthol puff bar . Consisting of the same extended puff feature and accessibility, this is our second best-seller of the month, which you can have right away!

Extended & Fruitful Vaping - Just A Click Away

From enhanced features to extended puff and a burst of exciting multi-flavours, the IVG 2400 puff bar is the new way to vape! So, get yours today and receive an exciting customer reward on every purchase!