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Disposable Vapes 101: A Beginner's Comprehensive Guide For On-The-Go Vaping

15 May 2024
Disposable Vapes 101: A Beginner's Comprehensive Guide For On-The-Go Vaping

The use of e-cigarettes, AKA vapes, by young people and non-smokers has increased substantially in recent years. Besides its charming flavours and the allure of vape clouds, vapes have become a great aid to those who are trying to quit smoking.

While traditional vapes with pod systems and coil replacements are still there, disposable vapes have become a great hit. They are sleeker than their refillable counterparts, look way more stylish, and are easy to use, making them a favourite.

This guide is your one-stop shop for everything you need to know about these handy little devices, especially if you're always on the move. We'll break down how they work, why they're so popular, and even give you the lowdown on the upcoming changes in Ireland. Let's dive in!

What Are Disposable Vapes?

Disposable vapes are electronic nicotine delivery systems that do not require any setup. They are the ultimate grab-and-go vaping solution. No buttons, no settings; just inhale and enjoy the flavorful vapour. These compact devices come pre-filled with e-liquid and a charged battery, ready to use right out of the package. 

The e-liquid contains different strengths of nicotine (or no nicotine at all). When the e-liquid or battery runs out, you simply toss it and grab a new one. Think of them as the convenient cousins of traditional vapes, offering a hassle-free introduction to vaping without the need for refills, recharges, or complicated settings.

How Do Disposable Vape Pen Work?

A disposable vape pen contains the following parts:

  • Battery: a disposable vape usually contains a lithium-ion battery that provides power. 
  • Coil: It gets hot and vaporises the e-liquid.
  • Pod: It contains the e-liquid. 
  • E-Liquid: It is the liquid that contains propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, flavours, and nicotine (not always). It turns into vapours you inhale. 
  • Mouthpiece: You inhale the vapour through the mouthpiece. 

Disposable vapes operate through a simple yet clever mechanism. Inside the sleek exterior, a battery powers a heating element called a coil. This coil is nestled within a pod, which is pre-filled with delicious e-liquid. 

When you inhale through the mouthpiece, the battery activates, sending power to the coil. This heat vaporises the e-liquid, transforming it into a flavorful vapour that you inhale. It's a seamless process, requiring no buttons or adjustments – just inhale and enjoy the smooth, satisfying vaping experience.

Why Are Disposable Vapes So Popular?

A 2023 report from Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) iterates that around 9.1% of the population in Great Britain uses e-cigarettes. Furthermore, the usage of disposable vapes has increased from 2.3% in 2021 to 31% in 2023. It brings up the question- why?

Why are disposable vapes becoming this sensation, especially among young adults? Here are some of the reasons behind the rise of the disposable vapes. 

Convenience And Ease Of Use

One of the major draws towards disposable vapes is how easy and hands-on they are to use. You don’t have to worry about changing pods or charging batteries. Just inhale and enjoy. It has made vaping incredibly simple, especially for those new to the scene. 

Better Taste/ Flavour Profile

Disposable vapes often pack a punch when it comes to flavour intensity. They excel in delivering a consistently intense and satisfying flavour experience compared to traditional vapes. From fruity medleys to dessert-inspired delights, there's something to tickle everyone's taste buds.

No Maintenance/ Charging

The low maintenance aspect is another huge plus. No need to worry about refilling e-liquid, swapping coils, or charging batteries. It's vaping without the fuss, making it a great option for on-the-go lifestyles.

Light On Pocket

Plus, disposable vapes are typically more budget-friendly upfront than investing in a full vape kit. It is one of the main reasons they are so popular among teens. 

Compact Size

Their compact size is also a winner, slipping easily into pockets or purses, making them perfect for discreet vaping on the move.

Great For Smoke Quitters

The similar hand-to-mouth sensation and satisfying nicotine hit, combined with the convenience, have made disposable vapes a popular tool for those transitioning away from traditional cigarettes.

Refillable Vapes Vs Disposable Vapes: What’s The Difference?

These are the major differences between a refillable vape and a disposable one. 

Refillable Vapes

Disposable Vapes


Higher upfront cost, lower long-term cost

Lower upfront cost, higher long-term cost


Wide range of e-liquid flavours available with different strengths

A considerable range of flavours, often strong and sweet

Environmental Impact 

More eco-friendly due to reusability 

Less eco-friendly due to single-use design


Requires refilling e-liquid and charging the battery

No maintenance required


Less convenient due to assembly and maintenance 

Extremely convenient, ready to use out of the box

Good For

Suitable for regular vapers who value customization

Good for beginner or occasional users

Disposable Vapes In Ireland - The Impending Ban

Just a heads up, the Government of Ireland is planning to ban disposable vapes due to environmental concerns. 

The sale and supply of single use vapes will be banned in Northern Ireland by April 2025, as shared by the Environment Minister, Andrew Muir. The major reasons behind the ban is environmental harm due to the littering of vapes and the increased usage among the young population. 

Selling vapes to people under 18 is already prohibited in Ireland. However, a complete ban on disposable vapes would represent a more comprehensive approach to addressing the associated issues.

So, if you're thinking of switching to reusable vapes, now's a good time!

How To Switch From Disposables To Refillable Vapes?

Making the switch from disposables to refillable vapes is easier than you might think! Start by exploring different types of refillable vapes, like pod systems, which are beginner-friendly and offer a similar draw to disposables.

When choosing e-liquid flavours, go for bar salts that are specifically designed to replicate popular disposable vape flavours. They can make the switch even more seamless, offering that strong inhale. 

With a little practice, you'll be refilling and enjoying your new vape in no time. Remember, many vape shops offer guidance and starter kits to help you make a smooth transition.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a disposable vape tank last?

It depends on how much you vape, but most last anywhere from 200 to 600 puffs. You can get big puff vapes like 1000 puff disposable vape for a long-lasting use. 

How to properly dispose of my disposable vape?

While the entire point of disposable vapes is that they are “disposable,” we should not throw them away in the regular trash as they contain lithium-ion batteries and other electronic components. Instead, check with local vape shops for re-collection or dispose of them at the designated Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) recycling centres. 

Are disposable vapes bad for health and the environment?

While they're less harmful than cigarettes, they're not harmless. Environmental impact is a concern due to the batteries and plastic. However, it can be mitigated by proper disposing and recycling. 

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