IVG Bar Crystal - The Most Stylish and Ultramodern Disposable Bar

With a clear transparent exterior and an unmatched shine, IVG crystal bars are the most streamlined and glossy-looking disposable vapes you will ever find. They have a clean, clear look with a firm mouthpiece that gives consistent flavour and vapour. Each IVG bar Crystal contains 2ml e-liquid and a powerful 500mah battery. The e-liquid inside is none other than IVG’s artisanal nic salts, and each bar can boast up to 600 puffs. So enjoy the smooth throat hits and flavourful puffs of IVG bar crystal, and order your favorite flavour online on our website.

IVG UK Has the Best Collection of Disposable Crystal Bars in Store for You

Push aside your boring and heavy vaping devices and embrace our lightweight, sleek crystal bars. IVG Crystal bars are not only great from the outside but also highly functional and practical from the inside. These bars are fitted with a mesh coil that results in a tailored and effective throat hit with a consistent stream of flavours. In addition, IVG crystal bars come in 14 different flavours and enticing colors that add up to their appeal.

Satisfy Your Nicotine Cravings in Style with IVG Crystal Bars

IVG crystal bars look amazing in hands, and they are extremely compact and portable. They are small cylindrical shape vapes bars that are bursting with amazing flavours. In addition, their leak-proof design makes them easy to carry and travel-friendly. With crystal bars, you can get the best of both worlds! An eye-pleasing and stylish disposable bar and an efficient nicotine carrier with great taste!