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5 Reasons Why Shortfills Are The Vaping ‘IT’ In 2024

20 Feb 2024
5 Reasons Why Shortfills Are The Vaping ‘IT’ In 2024

The vaping industry keeps getting better with every other innovation and possibility, and just like that, we've got the perfect one to begin our new year with, i.e., shortfills. Available as a nicotine-free alternative to usual e-liquids, shortfills have been gaining quite a recognition worldwide. And with them being the latest trend, what could be better than exploring the additional 5 reasons why you shouldn't miss this one?! So, let's begin;

 Shortfills: A Vaper's Majestic Thrill

Shortfills are a type of e-liquids manufactured without the addition of nicotine. They're available in larger quantities ranging from 50ml to 100ml and more. However, no matter the quantity, the bottles always leave out a 10ml space for nicotine shots, aka nic shots, which people usually add later. Thus, if you're buying a 50ml shortfill bottle, it will have 40ml instead, and 10ml space will be left for nic shots.

 PG & VG Ratios In Shortfills

As propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG) are the main ingredients in e-liquids, the ratios vary. While PG has a thinner consistency and produces a mild flavour hit, VG has a thicker consistency, ideal for cloud production. Now, while usual e-liquids have only 50:50 blends, the shortfill ratios can also be 50:50, 70:30 or even 80:20, with VG being on the higher side.

 Here Are Those 5 Reasons

So, let's not make you wait anymore; here's the list of 5 reasons why shortfills are the new vaping IT, which you shouldn't miss reading out;

Perfect For No-Nicotine & Ex-Smoking Consumers

Due to the feature of nicotine customisation, both ex-smokers and non-nicotine consumers can benefit from using shortfills. As usual, e-liquids don't have such a choice; nicotine addiction can be inevitable for beginners. Similarly, those who've smoked earlier and are looking for ways to limit their nicotine intake can use shortfills to reduce their consumption gradually.

Since non-nicotine users and ex-smokers often consider vaping a less harmful alternative to smoking. Shortfills provide an option of eliminating nicotine and reducing potential health risks associated with nicotine consumption.

Various Flavours To Choose From

The second reason to jump on the shortfill bandwagon is its extensive range of flavours. From berries to desserts, fruits, and many more, we promise you won't regret vaping any of it. And to help you sort out this choice better, we've listed the best flavours to add to your cart this year;

  • Tropical Ice Blast – Shortfill

If you can't pick between one flavour and want to taste the deliciousness of all tropical ones, don't worry; the Tropical Ice Blast can fulfil your wish. It combines notes of exotic fruity flavours and the icy kick adds a revitalising twist, making it feel like you're sipping on a tropical drink filled with ice on a hot summer’s day.

Similarly, this one is a mix of fruity flavours, like berries and citrus, all blended into a rainbow explosion. The fizzy element gives it a lively and effervescent sensation, creating a party in your mouth.

Now, if you've got a sweet tooth but worry about your calorie intake at the same time, you can vape the sweetness instead. And what could be better than vanilla delight mixed with tasty chocolate chip biscuits? We bet you can already imagine the smooth texture of vanilla melding with the deliciousness of biscuits. It'll be just like enjoying a decadent dessert right from your vape!

If you're a mango enthusiast, this one's a delight. This flavour will let you experience various mango flavours dancing on your taste buds – from sweet and ripe to tangy and exotic. It's a tropical paradise captured in a shortfill. And the sweet combination of strawberries and honeydew melon will leave you spellbound with every puff you’ll take!

Who doesn't love tasting berries with a juicy freshness? Thus, this strawberry watermelon lets you taste the sweetness of strawberries and the sweet and sour kick of watermelons, letting you experience a refreshing delight you won’t regret tasting!

Since summers can sometimes be cruel, you don't need to go anywhere to give yourself a refreshing break. Instead, you can quench your thirst with the juicy essence of watermelon paired with the refreshing sour lime. While the watermelon flavour is crisp and sweet, the citrus dash adds a playful twist.

Compatible With Most Vape Devices

The third reason revolves around the diverse compatibility of shortfill e-liquids. However, you can't use the same ratio shortfill with every vape device. That's why we've listed and discussed a brief insight into this matter below;

  • 50:50 VG & PG Shortfill Compatibility

Since the 50:50 ratio is suitable for vaping with 1+ ohm coil resistance and the MTL (mouth-to-lung) method, it can work well with starter kits, traditional vape pens, and even vape pods. Though most pods are designed to use nic salt e-liquids, they can handle shortfills of such ratios pretty well.

  • 70:30 Or 80:20 VG & PG Shortfill Compatibility

Shortfills were originally designed while keeping the DTL (direct-to-lung) method in mind, which requires coil resistance of less than 1 ohm. Similarly, such coils work well with higher VG ratios due to increased thickness, and vape devices such as sub-ohm vaping tanks or mods work perfectly with such requirements.

DIY Option

The additional perk of opting for shortfills is that people can create them on their own, i.e., the DIY (do-it-yourself) feature. It not only radiates excitement but doesn't even cost much, and the best part is that you will be left with a flavour of your choice!

And before you start getting worried regarding the process, don't worry; here's a brief one you can read for basic understanding;

Ingredients & Equipment

For starters, for DIY shortfill e-liquid, you mix three different liquids to create your own: a VG and PG base mix, a flavour concentrate and a nicotine booster shot.

  • Base Liquid (VG & PG)

The base liquids, vegetable glycerine (VG) and propylene glycol (PG), make up most of your e-liquid. Though the ratio depends on personal preference, a common starting point is 70% VG to 30% PG.

  • Nicotine Shots

Nicotine shots come in various concentrations. Choose the concentration that matches your desired nicotine level in the final mix.

  • Flavour Concentrations

Choose high-quality flavour concentrates from reputable suppliers. The flavour percentage can vary, but a standard range is around 10-20% of the total e-liquid volume.

  • Bottles & Syringes

Use bottles with enough capacity for your desired batch size, and consider amber or opaque bottles to protect the e-liquid from light. Syringes are helpful for accurate measurements. Thus, it's better to use them instead.

  • Safety Gear

Make sure you're wearing gloves and protective eyewear when using nicotine. Always work in a well-ventilated area.


Lastly, shortfills are comparatively less pricey and don't require you to go over the budget every time you buy one. In the UK, you can get a shortfill under the range of £5 to £14.99, depending on the brand and quality of your preference. And the best thing about these e-liquids is they have larger quantities than others, so they won't end quickly!

So, Have You Decided Your Shortfill Flavour?

That being said, this was our take on the shortfills becoming the next big thing in 2024. Additionally, with our stated 5 reasons and listed flavours, you must have taken the notes already! This brings us to end this blog guide with the most important question to ask: Have you decided which shortfill flavour you'll buy? Let us know in the comments below!



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