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Top Vape Tech Innovations of 2024

11 Mar 2024
Top Vape Tech Innovations of 2024

The vape industry has been the breeding ground for innovation and technology integration in recent years. From mech mods to higher puff count disposables, we have seen many changes and improvements in the vaping industry, despite the stringent regulatory orders. And these innovations have only served vapers for the good. With these technological advances and vaping solutions, it has become increasingly easier for vapers to customize their vaping experience and get the most out of it.

In recent times, for example in the year 2024, the vaping industry has gone through a lot of improvements and different innovations, that have improved the quality of every vaper’s experience. In this blog, we will discuss a few of those innovations to help you keep up with the industry and what’s something new that you can get your hands on.

IVG 2400

As per the TPD compliance, the vaping industry is held off against the production of disposable vapes with an e-liquid capacity of more than 2ml. But IVG, one of Ireland's premium vape brands, has recently come up with a regulated vaping solution for all vapers, that follows the 2 ml capacity requirement, as per the size required by the Tobacco Products Directive, but with an innovative edge. The IVG 2400 contains 4 pods with 2ml capacity each, that can be interchanged once the pod runs out e-liquid. The body of this device is equipped with a rotatory mechanism, and users only have to rotate their vape in order to switch between the pods.

IVG 2400 has turned out to be a revolutionary invention, that has brought a huge breakthrough in the Ireland vaping scene. The device is 100% compliant with current regulations and is sold on the website and in vape stores all over the Ireland. It is a rechargeable vape device, with a total puff count of over 2400 puffs. IVG 2400 is available in a variety of flavours and contains 20mg nicotine salt e-liquid.             

Vaperesso COSS

The Vaperesso COSS is yet another ground-breaking innovative vape device in the market. COSS has a mod-pod feel with a substantial battery life and a remarkable 7.5ml refillable capsule. The Vaperesso COSS Capsule features a unique vacuum seal system for a spill-proof vaping experience. It is lightweight, compact slim, and of the same size as that of a cigarette. In order to refill, users have to put the vape stick back, and the hub will automatically charge and refill it.

It comprises a small pod system, smaller than the Xros line, with a storage case with a battery and e-liquid tank. 1750mah battery in the storage case with a 7.5ml tank that refills the pod. When not vaping you put it back in the storage case to charge and you refill the pod with the press of a button. Vaperesso falls on the higher echelon of the larger vape company and is always on the lookout to incorporate cutting-edge technology in its product line.

Wireless Charging

The wireless charging feature is comparatively sparse in the vape industry, but it is still a major milestone and is set to take over the industry. With a wireless charger, you just set your vape down on a QI charger. It's not just convenience, but having fewer parts to fix and fewer cables to buy. And it's not that buying cables is expensive, but that it's really annoying when your cable becomes unusable when you have work the next day. These vapes have a receiver built in that supports wireless chargers and it is much easier to plop it on a pad/puck than fiddling with a cable.

With a wireless charging feature, there’s more room for newer or better hardware as well. No more stress from broken charging ports or cables. It is expected that in the coming years, this feature will become rampant in the industry with more products like the pillow talk disposable – that currently supports it – prevailing in the market.

Metanine Products (Non-Synthetic Nicotine Products)

This is a comparatively newer product in the market, and there hasn’t been any known research done on it so far, due to the fact that it is a propriety product. The major ingredient in these vape products is “metatine” which is framed as a substitute for nicotine, which gives the same cerebral buzz and throat hit as nicotine, but isn’t actually nicotine.

The meta-substitution in the title of this product could indicate having some group at the meta position of the pyridine ring of the nicotine – a methyl group or a fluorine atom. There’s a possibility that the compound is cotinine, but cotinine's potency is so much less than nicotine that you would need a lot more of it to get the same effect. It could also be a new nicotine salt other than nicotine HCl. Or somehow it is a prodrug of nicotine. Although the prodrug route would mean that it would take time, around 30 minutes, to metabolize to nicotine, you wouldn’t get the immediate effect.

It is hard to form an opinion about this product since it comes under propriety, but it could turn out to be helpful for people looking for a nicotine alternative.

Final Note

Most of the innovations we have mentioned came from designers trying to be creative and make something that stands out from the crowd to give their product an edge so it is more likely to catch someone's eye when browsing through the sea of options available. Online shopping is one way you can keep up with the latest cutting-edge technology in the vaping world. It will save you the leg work and also the indecisiveness that comes with vape shopping.

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