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Choosing Your First Vape Kit: A Beginner's Guide

15 Dec 2023
Choosing Your First Vape Kit: A Beginner's Guide

Whether you're just getting started or an expert in vaping, opting for vape kits is the best choice you can make. However, things can be confusing, and you might have questions like, what's a vape kit? What are its features, or how do you choose the right one?

Don't worry; we're about to cover everything in this blog! So, don't stress much and dive right in as we explore the finest thing about vaping!

Understanding Vape Kits

Before heading on to other questions, let's briefly explain the basics of vape kits. So what are they? Simply put, vape kits offer an all-in-one solution for people wanting to build their kits from scratch or upgrade the current one with a new coil, tank, or tip.

Further, these kits have various customising options you can choose from; for instance, some are fit for producing massive clouds or intense nicotine-filled flavours.

Components Of A Vape Kit

For a better insight, here's a list of components found in vape kits; 

  • Vape Mod

It's a device that provides power to the other parts and allows you to control settings like the temperature or wattage.

  • Tank/Pod

The tank or pod is where you fill the e-liquid, aka vape juice, which later turns the liquid into a vapour. Some pods have pre-filled vape liquids to minimise any inconvenience.

  • Coil

The coil is a small wire inside the tank that gets hot when you press the button. It's more of a heating element.

  • Battery

Just like your phone needs a battery, so does your vape. The battery in a vape kit provides the power required to heat the coil and turn the e-liquid into vapour.

  • E-liquid

It's the essential vape juice inside the tank. It has various flavours and nicotine strengths. Thus, when the coil heats up, it turns this liquid into the vapour that you inhale.

Types Of Vape Kits

Now, there are several types of vape kits you should know about; we've listed them below; 

  • Starter Kits

Starter kits usually have disposables or vape pens, as they suit beginners. Here's a short brief about both devices;

Disposables Bars are user-friendly, lightweight, and very similar to traditional smoking. Offering a limited amount of vape juice, most disposable kits are not refillable or rechargeable, unlike other devices. 

Further, they're best for those trying to limit the habit or just starting their vaping journey. And it doesn't cost much, so you're good with these!

Vape pens are popular among new vapers, offering improved battery longevity. You can charge them through a USB port, and the battery life can range from a few hours to a full day, depending on usage.

These pen-style vape kits are user-friendly, featuring a refillable tank that eliminates the need for expensive refills. Lastly, having a simple design and a button for draws, vape pens offer a seamless experience.

  • Pod Kits

These kits are quite portable and easy to use as well. Mostly preferred by beginners, pod kits have MTL draws and offer higher nicotine levels than disposables. Further, most pods are replaceable and refillable; thus, it's anything but a good investment in the long run.

  • Advanced Mod Kits

Now, if the beginner vaping options don't suit your preferences anymore, we've got something better, i.e., mod kits! Designed specifically for experienced vapers and avid ex-smokers, mod kits offer extensive customising options with adjustable wattage, temperature controls, mesh coils, larger and refillable tanks, and heavier batteries. Though the prices are higher than other kits, these are perfect for long-term investments!

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Vape Kit

When picking a vape kit, there are a few factors to consider before making a purchase. And being the guide you'll need, here's a short list for better insight;

  • Experience & Vape Devices

It's better to analyse your vaping experience beforehand. If you're new to vaping and don't want nicotine addition much, opting for starter kits like disposables, pens, or pods would be a better choice.

  • Nicotine Strength & E-Liquid Ratios

Secondly, it's essential to know your nicotine preference. For example, if you're an avid ex-smoker and have been consuming one or more than one pack of cigarettes a day, choose between 15-20 mg of nicotine concentration. Similarly, 10 mg will be suitable for 10 cigarettes a day and 0 to 3 mg for lower nicotine hits.

Besides this, knowing the basics of PG and VG ratio blends is also necessary. While a 50:50 blend is perfect for beginners and starter kits, you can choose from 70:30 or even 80:20 ratio blends for excessive flavour or vapour.

  • Portability & Convenience

Thirdly, if you're looking for smaller kits that can fit in your pocket or be carried easily and are easy to use, it's better to stick to pens, disposables, or pods as they're portable and super convenient.

  • Battery Life & Customisation

Battery life plays a significant role in selecting a vape kit, as you don't want your battery to run out before flavour or come across any inconvenience while vaping. Thus, make sure you choose a device offering higher capacities and longevity.

Other than that, if you're a fan of customising features, opting for better battery life should be prioritised on your list. You would need a higher power range to support the customised features.

  • Price

Lastly, planning a budget beforehand is better as you wouldn't want to spend all your savings on vape devices and their components. However, if you're looking for an estimation, starter kits usually cost around £10-£20, while vape juices can be around £5-£50.

 Common Issues Of Vape Kits

Now, while vaping is usually a flavoursome experience for most people, there are a few common issues you can come across while using vape kits, so here's a precautionary list;

  • Vapour Production

Sometimes, most vape kits stop producing enough vapour; if you experience such an issue, check the battery life and connection and whether the coil or pod are fitted properly.

  • Burnt Taste

Change in taste usually happens when the coil is worn out, so remember to replace the coil after a while.

  • Leaking

Your vape device may leak due to overfilling of the tank or damaged seals, so fill your tanks properly and check for any damage.

  • Gurgling Sounds

This can happen when the coil has an excessive liquid, so always clean your coils after vaping.

  • Battery Issues

At times, your vape might not turn on due to poor battery connection, low charge, or systematic errors. So, don't forget to consult a professional while experiencing such issues.

  • Harsh Throat Hits

A harsh throat hit may be due to high nicotine levels or a high wattage setting. So, adjust the settings for a comfortable vaping experience.

  • Inconsistent Flavour

If the flavour is inconsistent, the coil may be old or worn out. Thus, consider replacing the coil for an enhanced taste.

 Experts' Advice On Handling Vape Kits

As we want to keep your vaping experience seamless, here are a few tips from vaping experts you should know to handle vape kits properly!

  • Extended Battery Life

To avoid any inconvenience, keep your batteries charged, clean your device regularly to remove the residue and follow the provided guidelines for better usage.

  • Buy Quality Products

Most of the time, the poor quality of vape kits or e-liquids can also ruin your vaping experience. So, don't hesitate to invest in high-quality vape kits in the UK for uninterrupted experience and fewer health concerns.

  • Maintenance Matters

Regularly clean the tank, coils, and other components. Replace coils as recommended by the manufacturer to maintain flavour and prevent issues. By doing this, you can increase the lifespan of your vape kits.

The Roundup

So, this was our take on helping you choose your first vape kit. We hope we've cleared all your doubts and refined your options further. If there's anything we've left or you're still confused, don't forget to reach out to us!


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