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Top 10 Must-Try E-Liquid Flavours At Your Local Vape Shop

11 Dec 2023
Top 10 Must-Try E-Liquid Flavours At Your Local Vape Shop


While the vaping industry has a lot of fascinating and appealing attractions, nothing can match the intriguing yet delicious experience of exotic flavours! But with so many e-flavour options out there, we understand if you feel overwhelmed while making a decision. Thus, to help you in this situation and suggest the best options, we've sorted out 10 must-try e-liquid flavours you can try from local vape shops in Ireland!

But First, What Are E-Liquids Anyway?

Simply put, e-liquids are the juices inside your vape devices, helping with nicotine-flavoured aerosols and throat hits. Further, these liquids contain propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, nicotine, and flavour notes.

Additionally, many people get confused while understanding the role of PG and VG in an e-liquid; we can clear the confusion for you. PG is thinner and helps with flavoured hits; meanwhile, VG has a thicker consistency and produces massive vapour clouds.

Moreover, there are many e-liquids available with various ratios like 70 VG:30 PG or 30 VG:70 PG and even 50:50 blends of PG and VG, which beginners mostly use. However, you can always blend the ratio depending on your preference in advanced vape devices like mods or sub-ohm kits.

Top 10 E-Flavours To Try This Season

Okay, so let's not extend the physics of e-liquids anymore and get down to discussing the important part, i.e., 10 must-try e-liquid flavours at your local vape shop;

1. Strawberry

Strawberry-flavoured e-liquids are popular for their sweet and fruity profile. The taste resembles the ripe and juicy notes of fresh strawberries. This flavour is often associated with a pleasant and mildly sweet vaping experience, making it a favourite among those who enjoy fruit-centric e-liquids. Additionally, the versatility of strawberry allows it to be paired with other flavours like cream or icy menthol for a relaxing and soothing vaping experience.

Recommended: Strawberry 50:50

2. Classic Tobacco

Since leaving the scent of traditional cigarettes can be challenging for avid ex-smokers, the classic tobacco-flavoured vape juice is a perfect reminiscent of traditional tobacco, minimising the health risks related to smoking. It has the signature robust tobacco notes, ideal for providing that soothing experience.

3. Raspberry

This e-liquid offers a tangy, slightly tart profile note reminiscent of ripe raspberries. The flavour has a bold and distinctive taste, which can be refreshing and satisfying. Raspberry e-liquids are often enjoyed on their own or blended with other fruit flavours to create a unique and well-balanced vaping experience.

Recommended: Blue Raspberry Salts

4. Menthol

Who doesn't love the icy menthol refreshment? Thus, this category of e-liquids offers a cool and refreshing sensation. It is further combined with other mentholated herbs or paired with fruit or mint for a delicious taste.

Recommended: Ice Menthol 50:50

5. Coffee

Coffee-flavoured e-liquids cater to those who appreciate the rich and robust taste of coffee. These e-liquids often aim to replicate the complexity of a good cup of coffee, featuring notes of bitterness and a subtle sweetness. This flavour is popular among vapers who seek a warm and comforting vaping experience, especially during morning or evening sessions.

6. Honey Crunch

While tasting a spoonful of honey many times a day might not be ideal, there are no restrictions on inhaling it; hence, we present honey crunch e-liquid flavour! Providing a combination of sweet honey and a hint of nutty crunch, this flavour is popular among those who prefer the divine dessert category. And the best part? You don't have to worry about sugar or calorie intake despite vaping the flavour throughout the day!

Recommended: Honey Crunch Salts

7. Vanilla

Vanilla-flavoured e-liquids provide a smooth and sweet vaping experience. The taste is often associated with the classic vanilla bean, offering a creamy and slightly sweet profile. Further, vanilla often compliments many other flavours, making it a popular choice for mixing and creating custom e-liquid blends.

Recommended: Vanilla Biscuit 50:50

8. Whole-Leaf Tobacco

This is another flavour usually preferred by ex-smokers. Capturing the subtle, earthy notes of natural tobacco leaves, this flavour has an authentic tobacco taste and provides strong-flavoured throat hits for a refined vaping experience.

9. Tropical

Tropical-flavoured e-liquids contain a broad range of exotic fruits, creating a vibrant and refreshing vaping experience. These e-liquids often blend flavours like pineapple, mango, lemon, and passion fruit to evoke the feeling of a tropical paradise. Tropical e-liquids are popular during the warmer months and appeal to vapers looking for a burst of fruity goodness.

Recommended: Tropical Ice Blast 50:50

10. Fresh Mango

As mango is another fruit many people love worldwide, the vaping industry has classified it as the best for inhaling ripe mangoes' sweet and refreshing taste. Further, offering a tropical and summery appeal, mango e-liquids are often enjoyed on their own, or you may combine them with other notes like mint or ice.

Recommended: Fresh Mango Salts

Tips To Make Your E-Liquids Last Longer

While exploring the 10 best e-flavours would have been a thrilling experience for you, we've added additional tips to make these flavour potions last longer! So, make sure to check out the list below and highlight the important ones!

  • Lower Nicotine Levels

Since higher nicotine levels can lead to faster consumption, consider using lower nicotine concentrations in your e-liquids.

  • Reduce Wattage

While vaping at high wattage is preferred by experts who want strong throat hits or massive vapour clouds, reducing the wattage helps with less consumption of e-liquid puff, making it last longer than usual.

  • Choose Higher VG Ratios

As e-liquids with higher Vegetable Glycerine (VG) content are thicker, they often get consumed more slowly than the e-liquids with higher Propylene Glycol (PG) content.

  • Use a Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) Setup

MTL devices generally use less e-liquid than direct-to-lung (DTL) devices as this method requires smaller puffs, quite similar to how you smoke a traditional cigarette.

  • Optimise Coil Resistance

Further, higher resistance coils generally require less power, which can result in slower e-liquid consumption.

  • Practice Moderation

Be mindful of how often you vape, and try to avoid chain vaping. Take breaks between puffs.

  • Proper Storage

Keep your e-liquids in a cool place and avoid exposing them directly to the sunlight and heat. Otherwise, it can degrade the ingredients and overall quality of e-liquids.

  • Regular Maintenance

Keep your vaping device and coils clean. Regular maintenance makes your device function better, preventing wasteful leaks and coil gunk.

  • DIY E-liquids

If you're comfortable, consider making your own e-liquids. This allows you to control the ingredients and concentrations, potentially saving money in the long run.

  • Experiment With Flavours

Sometimes, changing flavours can help you vape less. If you have a variety of e-liquids, you may not get tired of a particular flavour as quickly.

  • Educate Yourself

Learn about the different components of e-liquids and how they affect your vaping experience. Understanding the science behind vaping can help you make informed decisions to optimise your usage.

The Roundup

Did you find our suggested 10 must-have e-liquids of the season list useful? Though there's no restriction on selecting only these flavours, you can always prioritise your preferences.

However, if you're looking forward to trying a new flavour, this list would refine your options when going on a shopping hunt. Further, with our additional tips, you will not only have a pleasant vaping experience but will also be able to make your juices last longer!

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